3 Songs You Need in Your Workout Playlist


Almost every person at the gym can be seen with headphones in–why? Because music motivates us, and motivation is needed to help us continue to move when we’re sweating it out at the gym.

Looking for some new songs to add into your workout playlist? Here are some of my favorites based off of certain exercise needs: 

1. Rolling in the Deep: For Training 

Adele’s not usually the first artist that comes to mind when you think about the gym. But her lyrics evoke the strength and endurance needed for even the most challenging of workouts. This is one of Adele’s more upbeat songs, which in my opinion makes it the perfect motivator for training. Gradually work up to a 5K by building your miles while building up the pace on your playlists: start with this song as number one and work up to more fast-paced songs.

2. Fighter: For Powering Through

This 2009 bop is the ideal workout song because its lyrics pack a powerful punch to get you through your workout with lines like, “Made me run a little bit faster, made my skin a little bit thicker, so thanks for making me a fighter.” On full blast, this song can get you through everything from ab workouts to running three miles on the treadmill. Fighter can definitely ignite the determination inside you to get you through those extra five crunches.

3. Back to December: For a Cool Down 

This slower song may be considered as an unexpected pick but, nonetheless, is not one to be overlooked. Slow and emotional songs are great for a cool down after a hard workout. Lower your pace and heart rate while listening to this song by Queen of Pop herself.  

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