Why You Should Travel Solo at Least Once in Your Life


Traveling solo might sound terrifying to some, but in retrospect: it may be exactly what you need to better yourself. Though the idea of being alone in a unfamiliar place could really challenge your fear of isolation, traveling solo can open up doors to greater opportunities, such as making incredible friends, finding new passions, or even discovering your true ambitions in life.

If you haven’t already, you should definitely try exploring! Push yourself and go to that place you’ve been meaning to visit. Whether it’s a town away, in another state, or in a different country, meeting people and learning about different cultures can be an invaluable opportunity.

Traveling solo also gives you the freedom to start anew and learn about yourself in ways you haven’t tried before. Sometimes we completely overwhelm ourselves in our busy schedules and we forget who we are deep down in the inside. So, take a deep breath and think about where you see yourself being most happy. Is it where you currently are? If not, it’s time to get it moving!

But as a girl, isn’t traveling alone dangerous? Many of us have heard this before and many of us may be scared to travel for this reason. But if you are cautious enough and understand what situations to avoid, there should be no problem. Don’t hitchhike, don’t drink too much alone, watch your cup, create a scene if you are in danger, learn a few self defense moves, watch your purse, and if you’re out the country make sure your passport is always kept safe. Being smart about your safety will help you remain intact and allow you to enjoy your time away. Don’t let society scare you into thinking that traveling as a single woman is a threat against your security, and always use your common knowledge.

What about my job? What about money? What about my family? Common questions that most people fret about but that can be solved: it’s all about your budgeting and priorities. If you are worried about your job, ask for a few days or a week off instead of a couple of months. If you are worried about payments, research cheaper locations to start off with and start saving some cash on the side. If you are worried about leaving your family, set aside some time to call them every day, send them postcards, or Facetime them if you have the technology.

Traveling solo is an important time for self-discovery. Imagine waking up knowing that whatever you do, it’s because you’re the sole reason behind your actions. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? So research everything, book accordingly, pack all your necessities, and get moving!

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