Why You Should Eat Fruit


Fruit’s importance is well known, but it’s worth reiterating its relevance to a healthy diet. Below are some fruits that don’t only taste good, but are also great for keeping us healthy!

Grapes & Oranges

Grapes contain copper, iron, and manganese, which all help with energy, blood, and bone health, respectively. Oranges and other citrus fruits have high vitamin C content, an essential source for boosting our immune system, helping prevent heart disease and wrinkles, and healing wounds.


Peaches (and bananas) are full of potassium. Among other things, potassium helps our cells, tissues, and organs function properly. Making sure you have a proper amount in your body is a great way to keep yourself in tip-top shape. Peaches also contain vitamin C, B vitamins, and vitamin E. These nutrients are essential for energy, have antioxidants to help your body, help balance your cholesterol, and boost your immune system.  


Pineapples contain vitamin C and a large amount of manganese, which help produce connective tissue, improves our metabolism, helps us absorb calcium, and regulates blood sugar. Pineapple also works well as a great anti-inflammatory which can help alleviate inflammation in your body which can keep your body healthy.

How to Eat Them

While easy to eat these fruits as they are, it might be worthwhile to mix it up a little—literally! Try compiling some of these fruits into a smoothie with other healthy fruits or veggies (i.e., orange juice, spinach, or kale), or using them in some other intriguing ways.

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