Is a Cosmetic Chemist Your Dream Job?


Do you love beauty and science? Who says you can’t combine both passions in your life? For all you scientific fashionistas, we may have the perfect job for you–a cosmetic chemist!

As a cosmetic chemist, you would help to invent and create everyone’s new favorite products. Shampoos, lotions, sunscreens, lip balms, hair dyes, perfumes–you name it, cosmetic chemists make it. A job in cosmetic chemistry is challenging because you will be tasked with putting together the most effective chemicals for hair and skin maintenance, while also making sure the products you create are safe for and attractive to potential customers.

Most people get into the cosmetic industry by first majoring in science–usually in chemistry, chemical engineering, biology, or microbiology. Your primary role would be as a chemist, so you’ll want a degree that will give you the best training in chemistry. While most jobs require only a bachelor’s degree, you may find it helpful to get an advanced degree, and the Society of Cosmetic Chemists can help point you in the right direction.

Like any career, once out of school, it will take a lot of job searching to find your perfect fit. There are tons of companies that work in the different cosmetic lines. It would be wise for you to look into internships or training opportunities at different companies so you can try to get a feel for the job and make connections to help you in the future.  Networking is key for landing your dream job, and luckily it is fairly easy in this day and age because of social media. Join forums like the one at Chemists Corner to chat with other cosmetic chemists about their line of work.

So if you find yourself always mixing and matching products and creating new home remedies for softer hair and dry skin, then you and cosmetic chemistry may be the perfect match! In the end, you’ll be rewarded by seeing your creations sitting right there on the shelf next to some of your current favorite products–and trust us, we will be patiently awaiting your successful cosmetic line.

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