Why it’s Okay to Cry


It’s a common rule of thumb to hold back your feelings in times of sadness or anger. Society teaches us that we shouldn’t be too “emotional” because “feeling sorry for ourselves” is considered a waste of time. To be perceived as strong-willed, you must act tough and appear unaffected by anything that is said or done to you. However, in some cases, we can’t handle what’s going on, and that’s alright! That is what being human is all about!

Coming from a girl who grew up in a household where crying has always been looked down upon, it was difficult learning express my true feelings. I felt ashamed when I couldn’t control myself and stop myself from getting all teary eyed. I didn’t want to be labeled as a pushover, which was what I assumed I was for being sensitive. It took some time to finally realize that if these emotions weren’t made to be acknowledged, we wouldn’t have them! It’s okay not to be okay! If helping you to feel better means taking some time to talk to someone, or step aside to cry in your room for a couple of minutes, or even cancel plans because you need some time for yourself: by all means, do so!

We all cry. Whether it’s a form of joy, anger, sadness, or grief, our psychological reflexes naturally respond to whatever we are feeling in the inside. Crying is an energetic release that reduces our stress levels and gradually aids in composure; it is what the body does!

Crying is also a form of cleansing. It heals your woes and extracts all the agony from your heart and soul. If someone tells you that you are weak for letting yourself grieve out loud, they are wrong. It is absolutely not a sign of vulnerability, but rather the opposite. It is a sign of empowerment: you are embracing your passion and it shows that you have compassionate, sympathy, and affection.

Remember, you are not weak: you are strong.

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