What You Need to Know Before Buying Expensive Makeup


Walking into a cosmetic store is like being a kid in a candy shop: you’re tempted to buy the biggest, shiniest, most expensive looking product in the whole store. While some expensive makeup may be worth it, not all things should be considered good quality based on their high price tag. Before making a big makeup purchase, use these tips to help you figure out if the products you’re looking at are worth the money.

Check the Reviews

On top of being fun to watch, online beauty gurus are an informative source when researching makeup. These beauty bloggers live and breathe by makeup, so they know their stuff! Consider looking up product reviews or beauty tutorials to learn about the new products you’re looking at actually work. You may find out that the foundation you’re looking at makes skin oily or that the eyeshadow palette you’ve been eyeing is completely worth the extra money. Just be careful when reading reviews because some videos and articles that are sponsored by a brand may be a little bit biased.

Ask for Samples

Cosmetic stores are all staffed by knowledgeable beauty lovers, but asking for help on certain high-end brands may not always get you the most valuable information if employees are working on commission. That’s great for them, but it incentivises the hard sell, which something that might not get you honest info. Try asking for free samples of products instead. Most stores have tons to give away, and will be happy to let you try a test run before purchasing!

Check for Alternative Brands

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money…don’t! More expensive makeup is not always worth it. In fact, if you do your research you can find out information on drugstore brands that are similar to the products you’re looking at for half the cost. Many high-end brands have cheaper copycat versions that work just as well (especially when it comes to lipsticks). Check out the ingredients label and the similarities will be obvious. Figure out where exactly you feel the need to splurge and where you can save–and you can end up saving lots!   

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