What to Do When Your Job is Killing Your Passion


You can want to be a photographer, but pursue a degree in medicine. You can be passionate about painting, but plan to have a career in journalism. There can be varying factors as to why people choose to have their passion and work be different things; practicality may be one of them.

Being practical is never a bad thing. So maybe you want to be a musician, but instead you choose to work for a bank in the meantime to help you save up for the equipment that you’ll be needing. Choosing to invest before actually pursuing your passion is, in fact, a wise choice. After all, having your job and passion be different things doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be an an “either-or” situation.

But what if the inevitable finally happens—when work starts to demand so much from you that you’re forced to set aside what you really want to do, to the point that you actually stop doing it altogether?

Depending on the nature of your work, getting so busy that you can no longer afford to find time to improve your craft isn’t unlikely. In some cases, this situation can eventually result in the worst of possibilities: the fire for your passion can die out because you can no longer sustain it.

Realistically speaking, there is only one way to solve this problem, and it’s the most obvious yet hardest one to do: take the extra mile and work really hard to keep the fire burning. Don’t simply try—do it. Plan ahead and schedule the days when you are most free to play your instrument, write flash fiction, or paint. Make it a point to keep it regular: once in every two weeks is good enough to start with.

It’s all about perspective. Don’t treat your passion as a requirement, instead, see it as a breather—something that will get your mind off of the stress induced by your day job. Make it something you’ll look forward to. The choice to keep your passion burning is a commitment. But more than this, it is a way to keep you grounded and on the right track to overall happiness.

By: Elizabeth Deyro

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