What is Squalane?


There are many beauty oils and cosmetic ingredients on the market that have beneficial properties for the skin, including grapeseed, coconut, jojoba, and apricot oils. However, there is a lesser known ingredient that is worthy of attention. Squalane, which has been in products for some time now, is a natural emollient that can do some amazing things for our skin.

Squalane is found in the lipid barrier of humans, plants, and animals and is a component of sebum, which helps protect the skin. But production of squalane in our skin isn’t always frequent, so using products that contain squalane in them can benefit the skin in so many ways.

Squalane helps to soften, smooth, and add moisture to the skin without being heavy or greasy. Though primarily helpful for those with rough and dry skin, squalane can be helpful for all skin types. Those with oily skin might be turned off by the thought of adding more “oil” to their skin, but using an appropriate amount will help to balance and add necessary hydration.

Squalane on its own is beneficial but using it with other products is even better. You can add it as a booster to some of your favorite skin care items, such as moisturizer, night cream, and foundation. Doing so will add extra hydration and emollient properties. Whether you want smoother skin, softer skin, or need a dose of hydration, squalane is a worthy option.

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