The Ultimate Guide to Affordable Shoes


The perfect pair of shoes can either make or break your entire look. And while we all love the designer brands we see celebrities rocking, not everyone can afford to drop that much money on shoes. Fortunately, there are many websites that cater to the average woman with shoes that are just as cute, but super affordable!


If you would describe your shoe style as on-point but economical, DSW is the right store for you. With tons of designer names and brands, you’re sure to find shoes that you love that won’t break the bank. A great tip is to start off by looking in their clearance section. You can receive discounts from 30-80% off already marked down shoes–leaving you with the latest shoe styles without spending more than $20. Plus, if you sign up for DSW’s rewards program you can receive frequent $5-$10 off coupons that can be used towards future purchases.


Thanks to JustFab, shopping for shoes has become a lot easier. JustFab is a free monthly subscription website that shows you shoes you may be interested in purchasing every month. Here’s how it works: when you first sign up you have to complete a short questionnaire so that JustFab can get an idea of your personal style. Once complete, you will have your own “personal stylist” appointed to you that makes selections on your behalf each month. If you like what you see, you can buy each pair of shoes for $39.95. If you’re not happy with your choices during a certain month or don’t need any new shoes, you can skip a month and as many months as you want without being charged—you are only charged for the shoes that you purchase, not the subscription emails.  

Shoes Of Prey

The only thing better than having your own personal online stylist, is being able to be your own designer. While Shoes of Prey does have pre-made shoes (available in Nordstrom), you have the option to design your own custom pair online! Choose things like your shoe style, color, and prints to design exactly what you are looking for. These custom shoes are available in all sizes, so literally anyone can find and design what they are looking for. The best part is that you have 365 days to make returns or redesign your shoes if you don’t like they way they turned out.  


Zappos is a great online shoe shopping tool. It is very easy to find many designer brands on the site but they are usually marked down with the great offer of free shipping and free returns. This site has a large variety of designers and shoe prices: ranging from a $20 pair of flats to a $500 pair of heels. If you know what shoe you are look for, Zappos is the place to go.

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