Trend Alert: How to Bake Your Makeup


If you spend your days scrolling through Instagram for makeup tips, then I’m sure you’ve come across beauty gurus “baking” their makeup. When I first heard of it, I waved it off as some unnecessary fad–it sounded dangerous and time consuming. But after a bit of research I learned that it’s actually an old practice (made popular by drag queens) and doesn’t involve a 350 degree oven.

So, what is it?

When people refer to “baking” their makeup, they actually mean a more extreme form of contouring and finishing their makeup. It’s the process of layering powder on top of concealer for a flawless finish, free of creases. To bake your makeup you apply two or three layers of translucent powder over your concealer, and allow it to “bake”–aka set into your skin, aided by your body heat, for up to 15 minutes. Then you wipe away the excess powder with a brush or damp sponge to reveal a smooth, photo finish.

Is it for you?

If your daily life involves glamorous photo shoots, then bake away! It’s the perfect solution for looking camera-ready. The practice has been used in the drag and theater world for decades. Stage performers are often under harsh lights and “baking” gives off the illusion of seamless coverage.

But, if you’re working a regular job and or going to school baking may not be for your. While it gives you a flawless finish it is not necessarily practical for everyday use because it adds extra time into your beauty routine. Plus, in natural light baked makeup can actually appear cakey and packed on. Not to mention, it can get expensive if you are using extra products.

Tips to Remember

If you decide that baked makeup is the beauty hack that you’ve been missing in your life, then more power to you! We have a few tips to keep you looking fabulous:

  • Remember to moisturize: When you are apply large amounts of powder to your face, so your skin can get pretty dry very fast!
  • Make sure you apply enough concealer: The whole point of baking is to look like you have seamless skin. Of course, no one does, but in order to fill in any lines and crevices, you need to apply at least two layers of concealer.
  • Use a lot of powder: Translucent powder is the most important step. You need to apply a lot of powder. If it doesn’t look crazy at first, you’re not using enough! (Just don’t forget to wipe it away afterwards!)
  • Don’t give up: Practice makes perfect! If your results aren’t what you wanted, don’t be afraid to start over and try again. With makeup, you usually only get good results once you fail a few times!

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