Top 3 Tips for a Perfect At-Home Mani


We can’t always afford a trip to the salon, but painting your own nails can be tricky. It’s all too easy to miss the sides of the nail, to go over the sides, or to leave the coats looking streaky. And of course, the nails on your dominant hand never come out looking as nice as your other hand. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks to keep your nails looking fierce and your at-home manicure looking perfect every time!

Take Your Time

There’s no rush, unless you need to be out the door in less than five minutes – which in that case, you shouldn’t be worrying about your nails. Make sure you have time for your nails to dry after painting them, the worst that can happen after perfecting the polish is to get indents or to tear up some of the semi-dried polish. Allow yourself plenty of time to make the most even, in-line strokes, starting from the cuticle up to the tip. Allow the polish to dry completely before layering coats.

Use Peel-Off Latex or Glue

If you’re known for going off the confines of your nail and getting polish all over your skin, you need a proper barrier. Use peel-off latex (or easily substituted with school glue) to paint around the borders of the nail and cuticle. Wait for the latex to dry, then paint the nail. Once the nail is dry, peel off the latex to reveal a clean-cut manicure.

Don’t Forget Base and Top Coats

Easily overlooked, base and top coats really help step up your manicure game. Apply a base coat onto clean nails to set and prime the nails (Bonus tip: when going for a bright color, apply a white polish underneath so that the color really stands out.). Applying a top coat over your color once you are finished painting will add shine and help to keep your polish from prematurely chipping.

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