Tips for Healthy Lips


Our lips take a lot of abuse from the changing of the seasons, and unfortunately cold weather means chapped lips. But fear not! We have tips to keep your lips healthy all year-round.

Keep ‘em hydrated.

Make sure your lips stay hydrated throughout the day–but not by licking them! Licking your lips may be the worst thing you can do when your lips are chapped and dry because your saliva actually dries out your lips. Instead, hydrate by keeping your favorite lip balm handy–especially ones that contain petroleum jelly or beeswax. Your lips may also be dry because you’re physically dehydrated; your lips are just skin, and they benefit from a glass of water the same way the rest of your body does.

Avoid lipsticks with harmful chemicals.

It’s important to know the ingredients in the products you’re using, and it’s no secret that some cosmetic products contain harsh chemicals. For example, the chemicals in lipsticks that help them last longer can be extremely drying. So, the best practice to develop is to use a lip balm before putting on lipsticks to ensure you don’t dry out your lips.

Exfoliate if necessary.

Lip exfoliators may be necessary to get rid of any excess, dead, skin to smooth and heal your lips. If you choose to exfoliate, make sure it’s a gentle exfoliator that you only use once a week. If you experience stinging or persistent redness stop using the exfoliator immediately.

Eat healthy.

As mentioned before, your lips are just a layer of skin, so they react the same way to your diet as the rest of your skin does. Vitamins B and E are essential for healthy skin, so make sure you’re eating plenty of fruits and veggies. And since spicy and salty food pass right across your lips and can dry them out, if your lips are already chapped it may be best to snack on something else for the time being.

Remember that sunscreen is your friend.

Sunscreen is always beneficial, no matter what season it is. Your lips can get sunburned just as any other part of you can and you can get sunburned even on the cloudiest of days in the dead of winter. So please don’t neglect to protect your lips! A lot of lip balms and lipsticks already have SPF, chances are your lip balm already has you covered–but double check just to make sure!

Now that you’re armed with all of this knowledge, you and your lips can confidently take on the weather any time of year!

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