Tips for a Rainy Day Wardrobe


You wake up and look outside your window: it’s cold and rainy, and you don’t want to get out of bed because finding an outfit for days like these is the worst. While you may want to stay in your pajamas all day instead of picking out something to wear, we have some tips for your rainy day wardrobe that will keep you looking and feeling great–even in the midst of a storm.

Layer up!

Layers are necessary for those cold fall and winter rainy days. While you should wear a warm sweater under your raincoat to keep the chill away, it’s important to layer so you don’t have to worry about being too cold or too hot while outside. Wear a comfy t-shirt or long sleeve shirt as your base layer so that you can take your sweater off if you need to without sacrificing your most important layer–your raincoat. Bonus tip: grab a scarf to fold up in your purse–it’s a great way to accessorize your outfit but it also serves as another layer for warmth!

Don’t wear certain fabrics.

Make sure that you check the weather in the morning to see if there is a high chance of rain in the forecast. If there is, you’re going to want to make sure you avoid wearing suede or leather since rain water will destroy these types of fabrics.You should also refrain from wearing anything new if you’re not quite sure if it’s weatherproof–better safe rather than wet and sorry. And if you’re sick of wearing rainboots every time it rains, but don’t want to damage your other non-rubber shoes, try buy a waterproof spray to coat and protect your shoes.

Add a pop of color.

Brighten up a dreary day with a colorful umbrella or fun rain boots. Plus, splashing through puddles is so much more satisfying when your rain boots are cute and you know that they are keeping your feet dry and warm.

Make sure you have good rain gear.

The most important part of prepping for the rain is making sure you will stay dry. If your rain gear isn’t effective, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing because you’ll be wet. If you find that your umbrella just doesn’t give you enough coverage from the rain, then try out a trench coat length rain jacket so that more of you is covered and protected. And if you don’t want to have to hold an umbrella all day, or if you constantly forget your umbrella, then a jacket with a hood may be a good investment.

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