Tips and Tricks For a Flawless 5-Minute Makeup Routine


Mornings can be super hectic–rushing out the door is never fun! Save time in your daily routine by reducing the time you spend in front of the mirror with your makeup. The tips and tricks below can make your makeup ritual much more enjoyable and time efficient, and your mornings less stressful.

Reduce your face products.

Many of us use multiple layers of makeup to combat red splotches, pimples, and other blemishes on our faces. But applying multiple layers to perfection takes a lot of time.

Shave minutes off your routine by trimming down the amount of face products you use to three. Start with a really good primer that has a smoothing effect–this will help hide most blemishes and let you avoid spending valuable minutes blending in liquid foundation. Use a concealer to quickly fill in the minor gaps the primer may have missed and then coat your whole face in a layer of pressed powder.

Don’t forget to add a little blush to make your face completely ready for the day.

Tip: You may want to consider in investing in long-lasting makeup brands so you don’t have to constantly reapply throughout the day.

Simplify your eyes.

Eyes can also be a very time consuming part of your makeup routine. Making sure your mascara doesn’t clump or get on your eye shadow can be a lot of work.

In order to reduce your time in front of the mirror, make sure you have a clump-free mascara. Also, try using volumizing mascara so you can cut curling your lashes out of your routine. As for eyeliner, use a thin tipped pencil for more precise application so you can quickly perfect your daily look without messing up.

Invest in 2-in-1 products.

For your lips, make your life easier and invest in a lipstick that is also a lip balm. This allows you to get color and moisture in one swipe. No one wants dry, cracked lips throughout the day or to sacrifice their pop of color lip color: so this is the best of both worlds! Bonus: You can easily store this 2-in-1 in any purse.

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