Tips and Tricks for a Comfortable Thanksgiving Outfit


Make sure you are prepared this Thanksgiving with the right outfit choice–not only for the sake of fashion but for comfort and convenience as well. Whether you are chowing down at Grandma’s house, going home with your boyfriend to meet his family, or having Friendsgiving with your friends unable to travel home, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to bust out your best fall outfit. But how can you find the right outfit–that will cater to all of your needs–amidst all the choices in your closet?

Below are some tips and tricks that guarantee that your turkey day wardrobe will be a success, no matter how you choose to celebrate.

Consider your shoe options carefully.

There is nothing worse, or more painful, than picking the wrong shoes for an event. And sometimes shoes can make or break an outfit, so make sure you have considered all your footwear options first before picking out clothes.

Boots are always a great go-to for Thanksgiving, since most gatherings are fall-casual, meaning you can get away with a jeans-shirt-scarf-boot combo. But despite great fall-casual possibilities, it’s important that you make sure you know the agenda for you day before choosing shoes. If there’s a family turkey bowl in your future you might want to wear something a little more movable than your tall leather boots like Converse, Keds, or even Toms. When picked out first, your shoes can pair nicely with your holiday outfit choice.

Always try on the jeans first.

Jeans are always a great Thanksgiving day choice since they make an outfit look nicer than plain black leggings, but still manage to keep your outfit casual. However, be wary of the jean choice you make: you don’t want to worry about uncomfortable pants all night long–especially after a big meal!

If your heart is set on jeans but you don’t want to deal with the constricting buttons, make sure that you have your best pair of jeggings handy. Jeggings are a great jean alternative that are perfect if you’re meeting new people: popping that button on your jeans to deal with the massive food baby after your meal might be acceptable with the people you have known your whole life, but might be a little strange around new people.

Survey the colors in your closet.

Your choice in shirt is important because it pulls together your entire outfit. Think about considering a darker color palette to match with the popular colors of the fall season—plus, a darker colored shirt is helpful for hiding any potential stains from the gravy or cranberry sauce!  

Be mindful of your jewelry choices.

You’ll probably want to try and avoid any really long necklaces–you don’t want them dropping into anything on the table! A statement bracelet or ring could be the safer options for the dinner table and are both excellent choices to help brighten up and complete your outfit.

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