The Ultimate Eyebrow Maintenance Guide


Not sure about the right way to maintain your eyebrows? The three main forms of eyebrow hair removal–waxing, tweezing, and threading–all have their pros and cons. Learn the best way to style your eyebrows with our comprehensive guide: we give you everything you need to know when you are choosing how to style those arches!



The Good: Many women prefer waxing to other forms of eyebrow maintenance because it takes a little longer for hair to grow back and you get nice, clean results.

The Bad: If you do not get waxed routinely, you will have to maintain your shape with regular tweezing. Depending on the person, hair can grow back more frequently which may result in more time and money spent at the salon than you can budget for.

The Ugly: The skin where your eyebrows were waxed will be very red. If you have to go somewhere or are getting waxed for a certain event, make sure you make an appointment a few days before to avoid noticeable irritation. This type of hair removal is best when hair is longer, so you should refrain from tweezing or trimming for at least a week before your wax.




The Good:  Tweezing is generally viewed as the most precise eyebrow technique because you remove hairs individually. This means that, if done correctly and all hair is pulled out by the root, it will take more time for the hair to grow back. Use a magnified mirror to make sure you pull out the entire hair.

The Bad:  If tweezing is your sole way of maintaining your eyebrow shape then you have to pay attention to symmetry so you don’t end up with lopsided brows. Follow the natural shape of your eyebrows as well as your bone structure to create the natural arch.While magnifying mirrors are helpful, make sure you use a regular mirror to more accurately map out your natural brow shape.

The Ugly: Many women tend to tweeze too much which can cause a disastrous look. Eyebrows that are too thin take a long time to grow back fully so be careful when choosing to pluck.




The Good: If you have sensitive skin, threading is a much better option than waxing because the technique is applied to the hair, it does not irritate or burn the skin.

The Bad: It is best to go to a professional salon where an esthetician is practiced and licensed in this technique or else your eyebrow shaping may be botched. Unfortunately, that means paying professional prices to maintain the upkeep of your brows.

The Ugly: Some skin irritation and redness may occur but there is no risk of burning. The precision of threading means eyebrow hair removal is likely to take more time than the other methods.

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