The Top 3 Ways to Beat Dry Winter Skin


With the cold weather winter brings comes dry, cracked skin: it’s inevitable. But, this winter let’s try something new! With a few simple hacks, you can have a perfect glow all year round. No more hiding behind comfy scarfs and giant hats. No more flakey, breakable skin. It’s time to hydrate and protect your skin from the harsh weather. Here are the top three ways you can beat dry skin and stay radiant and confident this winter.  


Nobody wants dead skin cells glooming over their healthy complexion. So, it is time to introduce exfoliation to your skin care regimen. When you exfoliate, you remove dead and dry skin cells to uncover a brighter, softer skin texture. Exfoliation cleansers contain microbeads that work deep under the skin as you scrub. Because these beads feel coarse and grainy on your skin, it is important to exfoliate gently, especially on the face.

Remember to only use an exfoliator that is designed for facial cleansing.  Make sure you scrub in a circular motion and rinse thoroughly with cool water. Only exfoliate once or twice a week, depending on your skin type, to avoid any irritation. Then watch and wait for your skin to appear softer, smoother, and more vibrant in no time at all.


Moisturizing and exfoliating go hand and hand. Over-exfoliation can dry out your already dry skin. The key is to moisturize. However, everyone automatically thinks they need to load up on moisturizers in the winter. This is false. The best solution for your skin is to remain consistent year round. If you fluctuate with your skin care routine, then your skin will fluctuate as well. This can cause breakouts, blackheads, redness, oily, and of course, dry skin.

You will definitely need more moisturizer during the winter months, but you should stick to applying it only in the morning and night. Look for moisturizers without oils to keep your pores clear.


Cleansers are the best way to refresh and hydrate your skin. Facial cleansers remove any excess dirt and makeup, which can lead to clogged pores and acne. Cleanser cause skin cells to regenerate quickly, giving skin a healthy glow.

You may need to get a more gentle cleanser in the winter so that your skin doesn’t dry out even further. Make sure to use a cleanser morning and night to keep your skin naturally beautiful!

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