The Three Foods You Should Try to Avoid


When it comes to picking food, it’s important to be smart about what you’re eating. There are a lot of foods that may look delicious, but carry no nutritional benefits for you. These foods are commonly known as empty calorie foods because they increase your caloric intake with no benefit to your body. Avoid empty calories easily and better your health by learning the most common empty calorie foods.


Whether you call it pop or soda, this drink carries no nutritional value for you. It contains a lot of coloring, plenty of sugar, chemicals, and preservatives. Plus, it doesn’t hydrate your body either. Swap soda with healthier beverage alternatives like water or tea. If you really miss the carbonation and flavor, add fruit into seltzer water for a more nutritional alternative.


As difficult as this will be to hear, you shouldn’t eat chips. Chips are another empty calorie food that help you pack on the pounds rather than nourish your body. Packaged chips contain too much sodium as well as preservatives and artificial flavoring. If you’re craving something crunchy try making kale or zucchini chips flavored with spices in the oven.


Alcohol can contains plenty of sugars and unnecessary calories that, if consumed in excess, will do plenty of harm to your body. While wine has more healthy benefits than hard liquor, your general rule of thumb should be not to drink your calories. If you can’t abstain from alcohol entirely, try and limit your drinks when you go out.

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