The Do’s and Don’ts of Sunscreen


Wearing sunscreen can be a chore, a challenge to remember, and definitely something that is often overlooked. But it is super important that you wear it, especially during the summer months. Check out these key sunscreen do’s and don’ts to make sure you’re protecting your skin from the sun.

DON’T Go Without Sunscreen

While this may seem like an obvious answer, there are so many misconceptions on whether or not sunscreen is necessary for everyone. Is it? The quick answer is yes. The detailed answer is this: think about it. We are all human, yeah? When the sun beats down on us, no matter what color skin we have, we burn and get darker. No matter how dark of a complexion you may have, you are still putting your unprotected skin at risk for health issues.  

The sun’s rays are no joke; not only can you get sunburned but you can get skin cancer. That’s why sunscreen is so important. It can protect you against all of that and even prevent any early on wrinkles or sagging skin. So once the sun comes out and it’s particularly hot, pull out your sunscreen and dab some on any exposed skin. It’ll be good for you in the long run!

DO Check Your SPF

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and the higher the number of SPF is, the more protection you’ll get from being in the sun. Doctors suggest at least an SPF of 15, which will block 93% of dangerous UV rays. However, if you buy a lower number SPF you must make sure to apply it thoroughly. If you only apply SPF 15 lightly and sporadically on your skin, you may end up with less than SPF 15 protection which could cause sunburn and other adverse effects. Make sure you are thoroughly coating your skin with sunscreen, or even consider buying a higher SPF to guarantee maximum protection.

DO Use Water Resistant Sunscreen

If you’re going swimming or simply standing by the pool or ocean where you’re most likely going to be splashed, make sure you have water resistant sunscreen on. What’s cool about it is that even after being in water, the strength of the SPF will still work just as good even though you’re getting wet. Just remember to reapply, because water resistant sunscreen is usually only effective for 80 minutes at a time. Additionally, you may want to check out sweat resistant sunscreen as well for extra protection guaranteed.

DON’T Let Makeup Products Fool You

You’ll notice on the market that there are a lot of brands that have primers, foundations, BB creams and powders claiming to have SPF in them. However, you would have to apply a lot of makeup in order for the value SPF to actually be applied on your face. So make sure that you first apply regular sunscreen on your face before your makeup for extra and effective protection.  

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