The Best Ways to Spend Free Time


For people that work 9 to 5 or students who seem to always be studying, having free time can be a rare and strange time. A person who is constantly working may not know what to do with free time and may end up wasting it by watching TV and cat videos on YouTube for the duration of that precious time. This time can be used productively in a more positive way, here are some ideas:  

Read for Fun

Most young people equate reading with school and that is a fair assumption; most of us are forced to read in order to pass a test or write a paper. Because of this, reading seems to be the last thing anyone wants to do in their free time. Who wants to do anything that reminds them of work? That is understandable, but there is more to reading then schoolwork.  Reading is a way to escape your reality, if only for a couple of hours.  Find a book that interests you and only you. If it reminds you of your high school English teacher that you did not like, do not pick it up for a relaxing read. I recommend picking a book from a movie genre you like to help your imagination run wild.

Go for a Walk

Walking is a relaxing, yet active way to spend your free time. Taking a walk gives you the chance to burn off calories and appreciate the world around you. When you walk, you can look around and take everything in. It takes you out of the bubble that you have been working hard in for so long to see the other parts of the world you may not have noticed before.

Make Time for Friends

Work can sometimes be isolating, especially when your busy. That is why it is important to take advantage of your free time by getting your social life back on track! Spend time with the people that make you happy: take time to catch up with your friends while also taking a moment to relax and not think about work. This is also a way to get in touch with your social skills again. Whether you are a student that is always in the library studying or you are working a job that forces you to stick to a script with coworkers and clients, hanging out with friends can help you remember how to really be with other people.  

Catch Up on Your Sleep

This may sound unproductive, but sleep is extremely important for your health–physically and mentally. Catching up on your sleep is a way to rejuvenate your body and mind for a couple of hours. If you have a day off, turn off that alarm and sleep in. Take advantage of your lack of responsibilities and focus on your own well-being, starting with your sleep.

These are just a couple of ideas of how to spend your free time. It is important to know that you should do what makes you happy. If you love movies, go to the movies. If you love running, go for a run. How you spend your free time should be decided by you and only you: just make sure whatever you do is relaxing and fun!

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Ariel is a senior at Fairleigh Dickinson University with a major in English Literature and a minor in History. When she is not writing or studying for class, she can be found at the movies or volunteering at her local hospital. She hopes to work as a journalist or a grant writer.

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