The Best Morning Activity for Your Mind


Looking for a way to clear your head in the morning? Try teacher and author Julia Cameron’s activity called “morning pages.” You handwrite three pages of your stream of consciousness (any and all your thoughts while you think it) in the morning to help you de-stress. Read on for the benefits of this activity and how to get started.  

The Benefits

Much like stretching before a run, you should give your mind a chance to warm up before facing the day. Morning page allows you to unwind and straighten out any frenzied or muddled thoughts before you begin the day. It can also help you become aware of an issue clouding your mind so you have a chance to fix it.

If You Don’t Have Time in the Morning

While mornings may not permit you to handwrite three full pages, there are changes you can make to adapt the process but still receive the benefits. One way is to handwrite a shorter amount if you’re on a time constraint, or even type the pages to save time. You could also turn morning pages into day pages, where you write whenever you have the time to until you have three pages by the end of the day. While you may not get your thoughts out all at once, it does give you a chance to see the direction your mind took during the day.

How to Get Started

If you’re interested in trying morning pages to help clear your mind and start your day, it’s very easy to get started. Buy a cool notebook and pens to make the activity fun–and then start writing!

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