The Best Hacks for an Oily Scalp


Everyone knows how fast hair changes from clean and shiny to dirty and greasy. In a matter of seconds, your entire look is ruined and your confidence level can drop. Oily hair can be hard to manage, but not if you have the right tools and information.  It is time to put a stop to the greasy hair monsters that live in your scalp once and for all. Check out these tips on how to beat oily hair and look photo-ready every day.

What Causes Oily Hair?

The first step in conquering the oil on your scalp is to understand what causes it. If you are experiencing an oil problem, then your scalp simply produces more natural oils than the average person. These natural oils are made up of a sticky substance, which cause your hair to clump together and create an unwelcome shine.

Change Your Habits

Try to minimize the amount of times you run your fingers through your hair. The oils on your fingertips can transfer to your strands, which means double the grease!

Since oily hair equals dirty hair, everyone automatically assumes the solution is to wash hair more often. This is the wrong assumption. Washing your hair eliminates the natural oils in your scalp, drying it out, and causing more even more oil to be produced in its place.

Ways to Eliminate the Grease

Apple cider vinegar can help eliminate oil from your scalp. Mix as small amount with water for a soothing rinse after washing. Make sure to wash both out thoroughly and to repeat the process multiple times a week. The vinegar will actually help condition your hair, maximize your natural shine, and remove extra oil.

A quick and easy fix is dry shampoo. This powdered substance, when sprayed on the roots of your hair, helps to get rid of any lingering oil. A classic option is Dove’s Fresh and Care Dry Shampoo, it puts all of its high priced competitors to rest. There is no chalky residue left behind and it gives hair a full and uplifted look. Another great option is Keratin’s Complex Volumizing Dry Shampoo Lift Powder. This product differs than the usually spray-on shampoo because it comes in a compact powder form. It absorbs excess oil and instantly freshens any hair style.

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