The Best Essential Oils for Healthy Skin


It is no secret that your skin endures constant wear and tear. From the changing seasons to annoying acne, your skin deserves a well-nourished cleaning regimen that will make you feel pampered every day. It’s time to say goodbye to the hundreds of store bought cleansers and scrubs taking up room in your cabinet, and say hello to essential oils instead.

Essential oils are the perfect natural beauty product that leave your skin feeling healthy and radiant. Essential oils hydrate, moisturize, and soften skin without the exposure to harmful chemicals normally found in over-the-counter brands.

Check out these three essential oils to achieve that perfect skin glow:

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil removes dirt, pore-clogging toxins, and dead skin that can leave skin looking dull and dry. This oil has intrinsic cleansing properties that is best for helping heal acne. Place a few drops on a cotton pad and gently dab on your breakouts. You can apply tea tree oil as an overnight treatment and, after continued use, wake up to visibly clearer skin. The oil is very strong so remember to use sparingly (once or twice a week).

Lavender Oil

If you are new to the essential oil craze, then lavender oil is the perfect place to start. It is extremely versatile and is best known for its tranquil and calming properties. Plus, lavender oil is a known antiseptic meaning it’s perfect for scar prevention and healing. This oil is perfect for any at-home DIY spa treatment. Make a soothing body scrub by combining coconut oil, sugar, and lavender oil and use twice a week to get rid of dead skin.

Geranium Oil

If you struggle with an uneven skin tone, then Geranium oil is the perfect solution. It works deep within your pores to smooth and tone the surface of your skin. Add a few drops to a 1/4 cup of water in spray bottle and spritz lightly to refresh skin. You can even combine Geranium oil with your favorite neutral face moisturizer and apply it both morning and night. This not only helps moisturize your skin but also leaves your skin looking smooth and vibrant.

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