The 3 Things to Look For When Buying Costume Jewelry


If you love accessorizing then you know that getting jewelry at the cheapest price is the aim. However, you also know that while you want inexpensive jewelry that doesn’t break the bank, you also don’t want it to look cheap. Getting good quality costume jewelry for a cheap price can be tricky, so here are some tips!

Here are the three things to be aware of when buying that can cheapen the look of your costume jewelry:

1. How much it weighs.

When you’re shopping for inexpensive jewelry, find pieces that have the seemingly appropriate weight ratio to the real stuff. If you want a fake diamond necklace, then it should be almost as heavy as real diamonds. Similarly if you want a small charm necklace, it should be delicate and light. If you are looking at an intricate statement necklace that is light as a feather, then it was probably made with plastic and other materials that will fall apart quickly.

2. What it’s made of.

You’ll want to make sure to find jewelry that is made with thicker and heavier metals. This way, you’ll know that the piece is made with quality metal that is going to last. Additionally, if a piece of jewelry smells metallic-y it will most likely turn your skin green–so avoid purchasing at all costs!

3. What type of gem is used.

Synthetic gemstones are fantastic because they make the look of precious gemstones more affordable. But, they can still be expensive and when you’re shopping for costume jewelry, you’ll most likely find artificial stones made from acrylic or glass. When looking at artificial stones, you’ll want to look at the same things you look for in real stones, like cut, color, and clarity–after all, you do want it to look like the real thing! So if your artificial stone is too bright or sloppily cut (or you can see some of the glue from where it was set into place) it can end up looking cheap: remember, an artificial gem should weigh almost the same as a real one!

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