The Best Way to Relieve Your Stress


As a child, I was an artist. I had a blue plastic easel set up in my play room and I would refuse to eat breakfast until I had painted something on my easel or molded something out of clay.

Thus, it was not a surprise to find that coloring remained a source of life even into my adolescence and remains even now in my young adulthood. My constantly racing mind was put at ease when I had to devote all of my focus to selecting the perfect color for each miniscule section of my piece. The repetitive motion of the colored pencil or fine tip marker moving across the page soothed me as well. I had a task to do that was manageable, yet I was responsible for artistic decisions in creating the work. I enjoyed coloring “mandalas,” intricate designs part of a larger circular shape. I felt I had artistic authority, and I could free my mind of the day’s stresses, or use the time to muse on a theme.

When I heard about the “new” adult coloring craze, I was surprised at first. However, I was glad to hear that other people benefitted from the therapeutic effects I enjoyed.

The largest benefit of coloring is the ability to focus your mind on one activity in order to help relieve your stress. After a tough day in the office, coloring can relax you and calm your mind before you go to sleep. Read more about the recently-found benefits of coloring, here.

So, next time you want to wind down, put on some relaxing music and get out those colored pencils, markers, or crayons! Here’s a coloring page to get you started! 

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Anna is a graduate of Loyola University Maryland Phi Beta Kappa with a BA in English and Theatre, Summa Cum Laude. She is an actor-singer, and her performing credits include the Hangar Theatre and Dramatic Adventure Theatre. She enjoys riding her bicycle, reading, and hearing other people's stories.

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