Quiz: Is Your Significant Other Helping or Hindering You?


Countless women dream of finding love and spend years looking for that perfect someone. Often we will spend time with a person who we feel is “The One” only to eventually find out he/she is not right for us, or not who we originally thought him/her to be.

So, how can you tell if what you have is truly love?

Take this quiz to help see more clearly and find out if your relationship is helping or hindering you:

1. After an evening out with your significant other you…

A. Are worried about every word you said and whether or not they had fun.
B. Are on top of the world.

2. You two fight…

A. More often than you care to admit.
B. Every once in a while, but always work it out.

3. When it comes to your relationship, your friends…

A. Don’t say much, and when they do, you don’t want to hear it.
B. Could not be happier for you.

4. The opinion of your significant other…

A. Means everything to you. You want to be what they want.
B. Is very important to you, but not law.

5. When you are apart you…

A. Feel the need to text or call them constantly.
B. Enjoy the alone time, but are always happy to be reunited.

6. On date night you need to be…

A. Looking your best at all times.
B. Comfy.

7. Silent times with your significant other are…

A. Stressful. You are constantly wondering what to do next.
B. The best thing in the world.

8. When texting, you…

A. Freak out when they don’t immediately respond.
B. Respond when you can. He knows you’re busy.

9. Your future together…

A. Is questionable. You hope they think about you in it.
B. Will be long. You can’t wait.

10. In your significant other’s presence you…

A. Calculate every action and word.
B. Feel your best.

If you answered mostly A’s…

Ditch them. No matter how great your significant other is, he/she does not bring out the best in you. Your partner should make you feel amazing. A healthy relationship will never form if you are constantly doubting yourself around him/her. Go find someone who makes you feel your best.

If you answered mostly B’s…

This is the person for you. They make you feel amazing and you are a better person around them. They make you feel calm and you do the same for them. Congratulations–this one is a keeper!

By: Annabelle Fichtner


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