Quiz: How Confident Are You?


How confident are you really? Confidence is key to sustaining a healthy life and a positive attitude: take this quiz to see where you fall on the self-confidence scale!

1. How do you feel when encountering a social situation?

A. Nervous and scared that people will silently judge me.

B. Calm and collected–I welcome new social situations.

2. What happens when you look in the mirror? 

A. I tend to point out my flaws and wish that I could change things about myself.

B. I’m generally happy with what I look like and feel comfortable in my own skin.

3. When your friend goes to the bathroom and you’re now alone with the person they brought along (who happens to be someone you just met), how do you react?

A. I shut down and sit there in silence until my friend returns.

B. I talk to them to try and get to know them better.

4. How do you feel about interviews?

A. I dread them! I always tend to embarrass myself.

B. I get nervous, but I am able to take a deep breath and conquer my fears.

5. Your presentation is up next. How are you holding up?

A. I am freaking out. I’m not a big fan of public speaking.

B. I’m cool. This should be easy!

6. What are your thoughts about being in front of a camera?

A. I’m not a fan, and I usually don’t like the way the pictures come out either.

B. I’m fine with it! I don’t mind a few selfies or candid shots of myself.

7. Your crush is about to pass by you–what do you do?

A. Avoid eye contact–you don’t want them to see you blush.

B. Smile at them and maybe even wave.

8. You’re having a bad hair day and you think…

A. Oh no! I can’t leave the house now–I look so stupid.

B. Oh well! I’ll put my hair up or just wear a hat.

9. You disagree with someone’s point of view on a topic you take very seriously, what’s your response?

A. Sit back and let them speak because you don’t want to seem too pushy.

B. Respectfully let them know about your opinion because what you have to say is important as well.

If you answered mostly A’s…

You may have to work on boosting your self-confidence. While it may be hard at first to overcome your insecurities, it’s important to fight negative self-talk and believe in yourself. Try not to focus on anyone else and instead remind yourself that you are amazing: you are worth more than you think you are (remember that even when the going gets tough).

If you answered mostly B’s…

You’re super confident in yourself, and that’s a great thing! You know that you deserve the best and actively try and live your best life. Put your positive energy to good use by helping friends or family members who may be in need of a confidence boost.

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