Quick Tip: What to Wear to a Football Game


Football season is one the most anticipated times of the year for many, but for some of us the world of sports is a foreign concept. If you are not a sports fan but have been invited to a game recently and have no idea what to wear, we can help you out!

Borrow from the sports enthusiasts in your life.

If someone you know (dad, brother sister, best friend, boyfriend) is more sports inclined than you and has one—or several—pieces of team gear, borrow it! This is a cheap and easy way to ensure you look spirited at the game. Pair your jersey, t-shirt, or sweatshirt with jeans and boots. Or if the jersey is too big on you, pair it with some legging instead for an effortless and stylish look.

Try out the concept of “subtle team spirit.”

If the outfit plan above doesn’t work out, don’t stress–there are other ways to look the part on the big day without a stitch of sports gear on. I would suggest dressing in what I like to call subtle team spirit: simply incorporate the colors of the team you’re supporting into your outfit.

Personally, I like to wear a simple v-neck tee of the team’s primary color and then match it with a scarf of the team’s secondary color. You can go a step further and accent your outfit with face stickers of the team’s logo, which you can find at your local party or sporting goods store.

This football season don’t fumble your outfit–use these tips to make sure you score at the next big game.

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