Quick and Easy Hairstyles for a Lazy Girl


The alarm clock doesn’t go off. There’s less than twenty minutes until you need to leave for work or class. Your hair looks like a bird’s nest. Maybe you even have a big presentation that morning. We’ve all been there. But there’s no reason you have to look like you just woke up. There are so many quick and easy  hairstyles that’ll make you look professional, awake, and put together with minimal effort!

Knot Bun

Nothing seems fancier than an updo, but we don’t always have time in the morning. Fortunately, this knot bun can be done in under a minute. To achieve the look, simply divide hair into two sections and tie a knot in the back of the head. Bobby pin the knot together and pin loose ends around the knot in the most aesthetically pleasing positions. Voila–a perfect updo in seconds!

Simple Braid

Often overlooked, a braid can be styled to appear boho, elegant, or even casual. To keep things simple, divide hair at the nape of the neck and braid down and secure with a hair elastic. To make the braid a little more special, try a dutch or a french braid, taking in hair from the top all the way to the bottom. If you’re not the best at braiding, brush up your skills with one of the hundreds of helpful videos on YouTube.

Ballerina Bun

Looking for elegance in a snap? Look no further than a ballerina bun. To achieve the look, slick hair down with a small amount of styling gel or even water. Pull all your hair into a high ponytail (you can leave a few flyaways to frame your face if you’d like). Twist the hair in the ponytail until it is tight and wrap the hair around the root of the ponytail so that it resembles a spiral. Pin the ends down and spray with some hairspray to keep the look in place.


Ponytails are casual and easy. To add a fancy twist, take a small section of hair from the underside of the ponytail and wrap it around the hair elastic. Pin the ends down underneath the ponytail. To mix it up, try doing the same process, but braiding the section of hair you wrap around the ponytail.

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