Our Writers

We love all of our writers and we are always looking for new talent to bring onto the team.
We accept intern applications on a rolling basis, so if you or someone you know is interested in writing for us, please email im.perfectmagazine@gmail.com.

I’m Confident



Meghan Mausteller

Meghan is a senior at Lock Haven University with majors in English and Communication and a minor in Women and Gender Studies. When she’s not writing, Meghan can be found drinking iced coffee, reading Bustle articles, or spending too much time on Pinterest.





I’m Healthy




Callie Bean

Callie will graduate this May from Texas State University with a degree in Creative Writing and will then move to California to pursue a career as an editor. She loves F. Scott Fitzgerald, Once Upon a Time, her dog, swimming, books, red velvet cupcakes, and peppermint tea.






I’m Gorgeous



Shannon Mondesir 

Shannon is a Creative Writing major at Brooklyn College. She loves books, horror movies, big dogs, and apple pie. She is also an advocate for social justice and cultural relations. She aspires to be an author and a college professor.







Cassandra Belony 

Cassandra is a Theatre major at Florida State University with a minor in Communication and English. She is lover of poetry, documentaries, fried food, late night talking sessions, good music, and indie movies. She aspires to be a working actress and a writer.





Perfect Eats



Catherine Zymaris

Catherine is a registered dietitian, whose love of all things food and cooking started during her study abroad in Italy. She believes that all foods fit into a healthy diet (even chocolate cake), food tastes better when you cook it yourself, and that a well-stocked pantry is a lifesaver. Check her out at Simply a (RD) Foodie.