How to Turn Weaknesses Into Strengths


Many people view certain qualities in a negative way. Being egotistical for example, is always thought of as a negative quality–something that no one wants to be recognized for. But what if I told you that being egotistical and other “negative” traits could actually be flipped into a positive? Certain traits, if used in the right way, can not only benefit your wellbeing, but your self-esteem too. Turning weaknesses into strengths can be a difficult thing, but it is definitely possible.

Learn exactly how to turn your negative qualities into positive attributes, here:

Being blunt

Of course, there are certain situations in which saying exactly what’s on your mind is wildly inappropriate. You wouldn’t go into work and tell your boss all your life’s problems after being asked how your day’s going. However, in day-to-day dealings with friends, acquaintances, and family beating around the bush or dropping hints will likely cause more frustration than you need. In most in cases saying exactly what you mean is best in order to get the outcome you want from a conversation. If you want a raise, tell your boss how hard you’ve been working and why you deserve one. If you think your friend is dating someone that isn’t good for them, speak up and let them know. If the food at a restaurant was horrible, tell someone. If you’re angry at a family member be blunt about your problem and hash it out with them. Your opinion, your thoughts, and your feelings matter so let them be known.

Being controlling

Obviously, controlling people is an abusive thing to do. But controlling situations (in moderation) may be exactly what you need to learn in order to boost your confidence. Take control of the things you can control in your life–your job, your school work, your activities, the way you interact with people. Although it may be hard to learn the difference between what you should and should not control in life, spinning this quality into a strength is worth it in the end if it means the difference between just floating through life and commanding life in your favor.

Being selfish

Always putting your own well-being first is generally seen in a negative light as being selfish. But there is a difference between not caring for anyone’s thoughts, feelings, or needs and caring for others but putting self-love and self-care first. Putting others before your own well-being all the time is a bad thing to do. You need to make sure you take care of your own needs first before lending a hand to others. You can only better the world if you better yourself first.

Being egotistical

This is probably the trait that is the hardest to turn from negative to positive. You can’t go around thinking every little thing you do is the best all the time because that’s both egotistical and narcissistic. But, if you’re going to establish yourself as a woman in the world you need to believe that you are worth something: that you are the best in the story of your life. Turn your ego into confidence to help better your life.

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