How to Transition Your Makeup From Day to Night


By the end of the day, a face of makeup can feel gunky, gross, and definitely not glam. But there’s no reason to spend time and money taking off your day look only to redo the whole thing with a nighttime style. Here are some tips on how to touch up your makeup and take it out with you!

Assess Your Face

Look carefully in the mirror to assess what may need some fine tuning before you begin transitioning to a new look. Do you have dots of mascara beneath your brows? Does your makeup look greasy? Is your eyeliner runny, or leaving dark circles under your eyes? Take a dab of foundation, and lightly apply it to all of these areas where you notice discoloration from the day. Around your mouth, beneath your eyes, and on your nose add another drop, too, and blend carefully. Apply more powder to areas that look a little oily and blend for a matte effect.

Touch Up Your Color

Eyeshadow, bronzer, and highlighter all fade with the varying weather, when you touch your face, and the amount of time it’s on your face. When you’re getting ready for your night out, add another smooth sweep of a base shadow to your lids in a deep brown, gray, or mauve, then add in some more crease color, too. Go over your bronzer and highlighter as needed–adding a highlight to the corners of your eyes and under your brow can help you look fresh and open instantly.

Amp Up Your Lips

Perhaps the most fun day to night transition look for your makeup is stepping up your lipstick game. While nudes are perfect for your day-to-day, a quick splash of lip color will instantaneously transform your look. Take your favorite bold lip liner and stick and full in for lustrous lips. Deep red, purple, or dark burgundy are perfect colors to try that look ultra chic for a night out.

These quick and simple fixes will help your look last all day (and all night).

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