How to Tan Like a Boss


In case you haven’t noticed, tanning is pretty big these days, and for good reason! Getting sun exposure for glowing, healthy skin is a great thing–when done correctly. If you do it too much, you run the risk of aging your skin and increasing your risk for skin cancer.

Here are a few dermatologist-approved tips for efficient tanning this summer:

Stay Hydrated

While sipping a cocktail and laying in the sun sounds perfect, it actually facilitates the dehydrating of your skin. Hydrated skin is healthy skin, which will tan better so make sure to bring some H2O with you.

Take Breaks

After a certain point, your body physically will not be able to produce any more melanin for the day. It can be hard to ascertain where this point is, so a good rule of thumb is to alternate taking an hour inside for all the time you spend outside in order to give your skin a break.

Exercise Caution Near Water

Water, whether it is in a pool, lake, or ocean, can reflect UV rays onto your skin. In combination with your sunscreen slowly disintegrating while in the water, swimming for an excess amount of time could result in sunburn. Make sure to take frequent breaks indoors and reapply your sunscreen frequently.  

Apply Sunscreen Every Hour

Dermatologists recommend zinc-oxide and titanium dioxide sunscreens, because they work immediately; while other ones can take up to 30 minutes to start working. Make sure to reapply, even if your sunscreen says “sweat-proof” or “water-resistant” on the bottle.

Put on Sunscreen First, Bathing Suit Second

It’s really easy to miss certain places, like your back and strap lines. Tan lines are no fun for anyone, so be sure to remember this step before the outdoor fun for full coverage!

Give Self-Tanning Lotion a Try

If you’re worried about getting burn, have already been burned once this summer season, or really aren’t a fan of outdoor sunbathing but still want to be tan, try out self-tanning lotions. Make sure to apply it with gloves on your hands, so that you don’t have orange palms. Also, make sure you pick a tanner with good reviews to ensure it won’t be discolored, streaky, or smell.

By: Maddie Liotta 

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