How to Take Care of a New Piercing


You’re considering getting a piercing, or perhaps you just got a new piercing and are feeling good about it. While piercings are a cool way to express your individuality, if you don’t take care of them properly from the beginning you are going to have big problems that can result in infection or closing of the piercing.

Take care of your new piercing easily with these tips:

Clean the Area

No matter where you got your piercing, you have to clean it regularly to prevent bacterial infections. A piercing is an open wound and therefore can be a breeding ground for all kinds of nasty things. The best way to clean your piercing is to use a non-iodized salt and water mixture. When preparing this mixture, use an appropriate ratio of salt and water (if you are using 1 cup of water, put in 1/4 teaspoon of salt). Use a cotton ball or cotton swabs to help with placing the mixture on the piercing. Do this two times a day until your piercing is fully healed. Remember to wash your hands first so that you are using clean hands to care for your wound.

Leave It Alone

Your piercing may look so cool that you are tempted to play with it. But please try your best not to touch it. Constantly touching your piercing can irritate it. Plus, if your hands are dirty they can transfer bacteria into your piercing area. The only time you should touch your new piercing is when you are cleaning it.

Be Careful Sleeping

This is very important tip to consider. When you sleep on one side of your body, you apply a certain amount of pressure to that side. Therefore, if you are sleeping on your piercing, you will be causing irritation that may lead to an infection. So instead, sleep on the opposite side of your piercing or on your back.

Know When to Seek Help

Irritations may occur with your piercing because your body is not use to the change. However, there is a difference between minor irritation and severe irritation. Severe irritation may be red, consist of a bump on your piercing, and even ooze pus. If you are uncomfortable or feel as though something may be wrong, you should go back to the piercing parlor and have them take a look at it. If it isn’t something they can help you with, then go see your doctor for further assistance.

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