How to Step Up Your Hair Game With Glitter


Have you mastered your favorite hairdo of the season, but feel like there’s no way to step it up to the next level? The solution is simple: glitter. Popular on runways and Instagram, glitter roots have made a dazzling impression on the fashion world. The greatest part of this trend is how easy it is to do! Chances are, most products needed to replicate this look are already in your hair care arsenal. So if you’re feel like adding some sparkle to your already fabulous ‘do, follow these easy steps to make your hair a little more magical!

1. Gather the supplies.

First, you will need to find some glitter. Any craft store will have a variety of loose glitter in a variety of colors. The larger each individual piece of glitter is, the more prominent its presence will be in your hair. Experiment with different colors and sizes to get your most desired effect.

Next, you will need mousse–any mousse will do! And finally, make sure to get a fine tooth comb or clean off a mascara wand to use for application.

2. Make the mixture.

When you have your supplies in order, go ahead and spray some mousse into a mixing bowl. Make sure you use enough to ensure that you get all of the hair coverage you need.

Then sprinkle in your glitter of choice. You can use as much or as little as you please–if you’re looking for something subtle you’ll want to use less, but if you’re going for big and bold use more.

Use a spoon to stir the ingredients together until the glitter seems evenly distributed throughout.

3. Glitter-up hair.

When you’re ready to apply the mixture, comb your hair the way you want it to be styled. Use a fine tooth comb or mascara wand to dip into the mixture. Comb the glitter through your hair starting as close to your roots as possible.

Depending on whether you want lots of glitter or just a touch, apply as much of your mixture as you want. If you are feeling like you want to step up your glitter game, feel free to comb some of your mixture all the way down to your ends.

Once you are happy with your look, have fun with it! Take some selfies or spend a night out on the town–let your new ‘do help you shine!

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