How to Stay Body Positive Over the Holidays


If there’s one thing the holidays are known for, it’s food. Starting in November with Thanksgiving and going straight through New Years, we gather with our friends and family specifically to eat foods we might never normally eat the rest of the year. And while it’s a great time to eat all of our favorite dishes. and catch up with loved ones, we often eat so much that we enter the new year feeling bad about ourselves.

This year, don’t fall into the same destructive patterns and instead welcome 2018 loving yourself, no matter how much you eat.

Know Your Limits

We all overeat during the holidays and that’s okay once in awhile, but learn how to recognize your body’s signs that you’re getting full. When you stop feeling hungry, remember to slow down. It can be hard to resist all the delicious food, but remember that you can always pack up some leftovers and eat a little later–that pumpkin pie will still be good in two hours, after you’ve given yourself some time to digest.

Remember That You Need to Eat

Sometimes we forget that no matter how much we ate yesterday, we still have to eat today. Your body needs energy in order to function properly and denying yourself food because you overate yesterday won’t benefit you at all. If anything, it’ll probably just give you a headache, make you tired, or make you grouchy.

Don’t punish your body for overeating. If you’re feeling sluggish, just make the conscious decision to eat a little bit better the next day.

Be Mindful of What You Think and Say

We can be our own biggest critics. After a few days of big meals, you might feel compelled to think negatively about yourself or during a meal, you might think critically of those around you. These negative comments will only make you feel worse.

Be nice to yourself. If you stick to a strictly healthy diet on a regular basis, but treat yourself to one (or two) pieces of pie on Thanksgiving, that’s okay. Don’t call yourself any names or make offhand remarks about hitting up the gym, these statements will only stress you out and make the moment feel less enjoyable.

Enjoy the Moment

Okay, you ate more today than you would on a regular basis, but so what? You’re also spending time with your siblings who have moved away for jobs and meeting up with your cousin who just had a baby. Don’t let your thoughts about food ruin that.

Stay rooted in the moment and remember that you don’t get opportunities like this anymore. You can’t let an extra helping of mashed potatoes stand in the way of making memories and spending time with family.

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