How to Protect Your Hair From Heat Damage


Have you noticed that your hair is feeling a little dry? Does your hair frizz after blow drying? Do you find yourself picking away at split ends after flat ironing?

With all of the labor that you put into your hair, you are bound to feel some of the effects of styling damage. Many of us style our hair using heat: blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, styling wands, and hot rollers are some of the tools that are major sources of heat damage, but would be really difficult to cut out of our daily routines. Luckily for you, there are solutions! There are a few preventative measures that you can take to minimize the risk of heat damage and keep your hair happy and healthy.  

Use a Heat Protectant Before Styling

Products like hairspray and gels can conceal frizz, split ends, and other trouble spots, but they do not reverse the damage that has been done during styling. Enter heat protectant: a product that is easily overlooked but that can help. While heat protectants generally do not reverse damage, they can prevent excess damage from happening. Applying heat protectant before blow drying can produce instant results. Your hair will feel much smoother, split or breaking ends will feel softer, and your frizz will become much more manageable.

Heat protectants are pretty easy to find. If you’re looking for something that’s easy, effective, and cheap, check your local drugstore! If you’re looking to invest some time and research into finding a protectant that will provide solutions to specific troubles with your hair, feel free to consult with your hair stylist or any professional at your local beauty store.

Turn Down the Heat!

A lot of damage can happen while using tools because they are just too hot! Turning your styling tools to their maximum heat might make styling your hair faster, but it might also be causing irreversible damage to your hair. Controlling how much heat that you use is a great way to prevent causing permanent damage to your hair. Experts recommend that the maximum temperature you should use to style your hair is 365 degrees Fahrenheit to guarantee minimal damage. Styling tools that reach temperatures over 400 degrees Fahrenheit can melt proteins in your hair and cause permanent damage. But if you have been using styling tools that reach over 400 degrees, don’t worry! The next time you visit your salon, ask about a deep conditioning treatment to help your hair–and use heat protectant and lower temperatures moving forward.

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