How to Organize Your Workouts


When it comes to working out, it can get pretty confusing to keep track of what you’re doing all the time. So you usually end up repeating workouts, get tired of the routine, get bored working out, and quit. Keep track of your health goals with these tips and tricks in order to make working out an exciting activity.

Download Jefit

Jetfit is a free app that will help track your workouts. The app lets you create personalized workouts, keep track of all the workouts you do, and even analyzes your workouts to help you improve.

Map Out Your Run

MapMyRun is an app that tracks your route, speed, and pace while running. It can also log your workouts, which saves the hassle for having a journal. Mapping out your run can also ensure you take different routes to change up your scenery and routine.

Use a Notebook

If you prefer a pen and paper to an app to track your progress and make sure you’re varying your workouts use a notebook instead. Check out our notebook organizing tips to make sure you’re being the most efficient you can be.  

Separate into sections: If you want to make sure you are varying your workouts, put your multiple routines in different sections. This is helpful because it will allow you keep track of how many times you do a certain workout. Additionally, you can develop new workouts and new sections based off of your notebook recordings of what does and does not work. Make sure to include dates in each entry so when you flip through you can keep track of when you’ve done certain workouts.

Color code: Color coding is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also helps keep everything organized. For example, all arm workouts could be blue, all leg exercises are red, and all cardio could be yellow. That way, you can mix and match workouts and record your progress based off of your exercise selection in each color coded section. Plus, when you want to review what you’ve done and check your reps, all that information will be easy to find.

Classic: The most basic method of journaling workouts is to log all workouts chronologically. Just make sure to find time each week to look back and review the previous week so you know what you need to do more of, what you need to improve upon, etc.

I hope these tips helped motivate you to organize and vary your workouts in order to help make your healthy lifestyle more regimented and exciting.

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