How to Order and Eat Pho Like a Pro


Lucky for flavor enthusiasts, the world of food has gone global. No longer is it hard to find (and enjoy) dishes from every inhabited continent, as well as specialty types of cooking, too.

Dishes from Asian countries have long been popular, but more specific recipes have made inroads, not only in restaurants but in home cooking too. One of the most welcome? Pho.

Pho is a little bit soup, a little bit noodle, and a whole lot of flavor, and it comes from Vietnam. Different geographic areas of the country make their pho a little bit differently, but the notion of it—heavily spiced, clear broth, beef or chicken—is the same. And pho isn’t just broth and noodles; there are loads of condiments and add-ins that are used to complement its flavor.

But one of the challenges of pho for many people is how to eat it. Fortunately, we’ve got that covered, and much more too, thanks to the tips in this graphic.

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How to order and eat pho like a pro


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