How to Navigate Life as an Adult


Growing up, the prospect of adulthood always seemed exciting, mysterious, and fun. Having the freedom to go to sleep whenever you wanted, not having to deal with a strict curfew, even living by your own rules in your own house. You relished becoming an adult as it seemed you would finally have the freedom you so desired. But what no one told you about adulthood is that the struggle is real! Here are some things to prepare for when you become an adult:

Bills, Bills, and More Bills

You may have dealt with bills before like for your cellphone, which wasn’t bad. But you will soon see there are bills for almost everything! Internet, cable, electricity, gas, water, student loans etc. It may even seem like every penny you earn is dwindling away every time you open your mailbox. Learning how to budget out your money is key: that way you can pay your bills and still have money left to save and spend.

Grocery Shopping

You will soon learn that buying groceries consists of more than Ramen and pizza rolls. Also eating out a lot may not be a viable option when you are just starting out; it’s expensive and can be unhealthy, so buying your meals at the grocery store will be your best bet. While going to the supermarket may sound expensive, with proper planning it can actually be very affordable. Pinterest features “meals in a day” recipes and shopping lists, so you can spend $20 and get five to seven unique meals.

Snow Days

Snow days when you are an adult are not fun, especially if you have the responsibility of a job. Regardless of the weather (barring a natural disaster) you must be available for work to do your job. Some companies and positions do not have an inclement weather policy which means you can lose out on making money for the day.

Apartment Hunting

Searching for housing is tedious and they all start to look the same after a while. I suggest making a list of your wants, needs, and budget, and rank apartments based on what is most important. Be aware that you may not get everything on your wishlist and you may have to compromise to get the best deal. Make sure you ask and are aware of all the fees, deadlines, move-in specials, and credit requirements for applying.  

There Are Consequences

Just like when you were younger, there are consequences for making poor decisions. Staying out and partying all night when you know you have work the next morning may not be a good idea. Even though you do not have a curfew or a bedtime it is still wise to be responsible with your freedom.

While reaching the legal age of adulthood is an exciting new chapter, it is also a bit daunting to be completely responsible for your life. Using these tips as stepping stones you can be on the prepared for potential struggles and learn how to ease your way through them.

By: Elizabeth Randall

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