How to Meditate at Home


The idea of meditation can sound very intimidating to some people. Focusing, not moving, being quiet–it can all seem impossible to do in your hectic life. But this may be exactly what you need! Meditation is a great tool to help you ease your mind, relax, and de-stress.

Become a zen expert with our simple guide to meditating at home:

Step 1: Set the location

Pick a place in your house where you feel the most relaxed and comfortable. If there is a room in your home where you typically sit to get work done in, avoid it: the less stressful, the better.

Step 2: Get comfortable

Whether it’s dimming the lights or completing shutting them off, sitting on pillows or lying on the floor, you want to create a very calm space.

Quick Tip: Meditation is not optimal after a coffee run–caffeine is not going to relax or comfort you, it’ll do quite the opposite.

Step 3: Figure out your focus

Close your eyes and focus on one thing: one simple object. Envision that object and draw all your attention and focus to it, letting go of everything else you have been and are focusing on throughout the day.

For example: Focus on a pen or a chair, something simple, inanimate, and not associated with anything that could cause you worry or stress.

Step 4: Let go of your mind

Focusing on one object is a lot harder than it sounds because it can be difficult to shut off everything to focus on just one thing. However, after a little struggling, and once you are completely focusing on that one item and all its characteristics, move off of it and transcend into nothingness. Let your mind go completely blank and focus on absolutely nothing: your problems don’t matter right now, you deserve this sheer relaxation time.

Quick Tip: Make sure not to fall asleep! All this quiet relaxation and focusing on nothingness may induce sleep, but try to avoid that at all costs. You don’t want to wake up two hours later with no actual meditating under your belt.

If you take three minutes a day, every day, to meditate your body and mind will thank you. Overall wellness is so important and meditation betters mind, body, and spirit. Happy meditating!

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