How to Manage Curly Hair in the Summer


Curly hair can be very hard to manage. It takes many of us years to master the perfect combination of care, styling techniques, and products in order to make our curly hair work. And then, regardless of how good we are, the summer wreaks havoc on our heads. If you’re still in the dark and searching for ways to help tame your summer curls, follow the routine below.

Make sure your hair routine is healthy.

Before figuring out which products to use you need to examine your haircare routine. Are you using the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair? Your best bet is look at products in the store that specify “for curly hair” on the label. Curly hair is usually dry so it’s best to make sure the cleansing products you use are nourishing and that you’re washing your hair properly. 

Take care of your hair before styling.

After you shower, use a towel to pat your wet hair dry instead of rubbing it–this will help lesson the development of frizz when it dries. Then, instead of brushing your hair, use a wide-tooth comb to get rid of any knots.

Style your locks using the appropriate products.

When it’s hot outside, your best bet is to style and let your hair air-dry. The heat will only make it frizzy and so excessive styling with heat tools may harm, rather than help tame your look.

Find an appropriate curl-defining product like a gel, serum, or curl cream to moisturize and define your curls. While your hair is still damp, squeeze a small amount (size of a penny) into your hand. Apply the product into your hair by scrunching it–starting from the ends and working upwards. Make sure to avoid getting products in your roots as this will flatten your look and make your hair oily. Flip your head over and continue scrunching in an upward motion from the ends of your hair to add volume to your curls.

Learn how to embrace your natural curls in the hot weather! If you spend less time trying to style your hair while battling the humidity, you will have so much more time to enjoy the summer and all it has to offer.

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