How to Make the Best of a Work Day


Your job doesn’t have to be soul-sucking. In fact, going to work can actually serve as a source of energy. While some people in college take jobs they don’t want to earn extra money, and some grads take jobs they’re not thrilled about just to be employed, you can make the best of any job you’re doing.   

Make Friends

Creating positive, stimulating relationships with your co-workers means that your work day can be filled with interesting conversation and laughs.  When you form meaningful bonds with the people you work with, you’ll look forward to going. So look at your job as an opportunity to interact with people and make lasting connections.  If you’re lucky, you’ll even become friends with customers, janitors, managers, delivery people, and maintenance workers, too.        

Keep Busy

Maybe everything you’ve needed to do for the day is done and you’re having a hard time keeping yourself from sneaking out the back door and going home an hour early.  Resist the temptation and keep busy.  Accomplish something else to fill up the remaining time.  Even when it feels like there’s nothing to occupy yourself with, there’s always something.  Rearrange a shelf.  Find and clean an area that never gets any attention.  Impress your co-workers, and yourself, with what you can do with a bit of time.  

Set Small Goals

What’s more rewarding than accomplishing a goal?  Achieve a sense of pride and accomplishment by making yourself proud.  Setting and working towards a realistic goal or goals during your day will make the work worthwhile and meaningful.  Plan ahead and set fun, productive goals for yourself.  Challenge yourself to turn in your work early, or smile at every person who comes in, or unload that whole crate of stock.  Work doesn’t have to be draining–let it motivate and inspire you.

Get Excited

Wear something you love, bring along your favorite coffee, and greet customers and/or co-workers with enthusiasm and positivity.  They’ll reflect it right back at you, and the positivity will become a continuous cycle.  Kindness and happiness will make for a more pleasant environment for everyone.    

Be Grateful

Take a moment to realize that working is something that not everyone is lucky enough to do.  This job, even if it’s not necessarily the one you want to have forever, is an experience that you’ll look back on one day soon.  Make the best of it now so that when you do look back on it, you’ll be greeted with fond memories rather than remembrances of dread and negativity.  There are people who would love to be in your position, earning their own money and working towards their independence.  Many people are programmed to hate going to work.  Don’t be one of them: break the cycle.  Try to appreciate it for what it is, and work towards loving it.  It doesn’t have to be a dream job for it to be a worthwhile experience.    

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