How to Live For Yourself (and No One Else)


Things like deciding to start working out, putting on your makeup, and going on dates can and (should be!) all for you. The key to achieving true self-confidence, inner-peace, and happiness is learning to make choices for yourself based off of what you want and value your own opinion before those of others.  Not sure how to do that? Let us help you out!

Take your own advice.  

Apply for that job that caught your eye. Stop eating junk food because you want to get healthier.  Don’t ask your significant other, your mom, your brother, or your bestie what they think this time–just do it! Do things because you think it’s a good idea.

This isn’t to say you should never seek advice from those you love and trust; but it’s also hugely important to trust your own instincts. Trust yourself enough to go out on a limb and try something just because you like it.  

Trust your gut.  

It’s imperative for you to learn to go with your gut. Stop second-guessing yourself! Remind yourself that the reason you’ve gotten this far in life is because of the decisions that you’ve made whether good or bad. Accept that mistakes will undoubtedly happen; there’s no need to hide from them.  They’re unavoidable.  

Go a step further than just accepting setbacks and mishaps–embrace them.  They’re the best way to learn. So go with your gut, because no one knows what’s best for you better than you do.  Mistakes will happen, but so will triumphs.  

Bring yourself down to earth.

When you start to lose sight of your reasons for doing certain things, take a step back.  Remind yourself why you head out on that jog every morning– is it because you want the cute new neighbor to see you in leggings, or is it because you want to do well by your body so that you’ll look and feel healthy?  Which is more important in the long run, and which makes you happier? You’re stuck with you for life.  So, remember why you choose to do the things you do and make sure the reason is because it will help you better your life and increase your happiness.

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Rachel spent the last two years studying English and Writing at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, and is now continuing her studies at Oakland University. Her passions outside of writing include coffee, her dear dog Bodi, reading, and coffee. She’s a big believer in enjoying the little things in life, like sunny mornings, starry nights, and the Oxford comma. And coffee.

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