How to Keep Makeup Brushes Looking New


It’s important to take care of your makeup brushes because leaving them unwashed for extended periods of time can not only ruin the brush but also cause your face to breakout. Depending on how often you use your brushes, they should be cleaned roughly once a week. Make sure to store your brushes, as well as your makeup, in a cool, dry place for best results. Read on to learn helpful tips for keeping your brushes looking and feeling brand new.

Baby Shampoo or Face Wash

Baby shampoo is gentle and doesn’t wear out the bristles, and since face wash is designed for the more sensitive skin, it’s also gentle on brushes. Simply wet your brushes, gently rub the shampoo or wash into the bristles, and rinse until there’s no product remaining. Pat the brushes dry before laying to rest for a few hours or overnight on a fresh towel.

Olive Oil and Dish Soap

Dish soap is a gentle cleanser that can easily rid brushes of leftover makeup. And olive oil is helpful for conditioning the bristles, keeping your brushes soft like they were the day you bought them. Simply mix equal parts of oil and soap together before applying to brushes. Follow the same cleansing steps as listed above.

Cleansing Gel

Many major brush companies sell their own formula of brush cleaner. Some come as gels and others as liquids, both with detailed instructions. These store-bought methods work just as well, but can be a bit pricier. Follow the same steps as if you were washing your brushes with a non-brand cleaner.

Spray Mist

Instant sprays, such as the Daily Brush Cleaner by e.l.f and the Instant Brush Cleaner by MAKE UP FOR EVER, help keep brushes cleaner than they would be on a daily basis, but aren’t as effective in the long run. Use sprays after applying makeup to keep the bristles fresher, but still use one of the other options roughly once per week for a deep clean.

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