How to Gracefully Grow Out Bangs


Growing out bangs can be a real pain. Sometimes we can get ahead of ourselves, visualizing a new look and want instant results. But getting your bangs to blend in with the rest of your hair takes time and can be a real test of your patience. Luckily, growing out bangs doesn’t have to be frustrating! Here are a few tips to make your hair growth journey less painful, and keep you feeling fab throughout the entire process.

Use Accessories

Now is the time to try out all of those cute hair accessories you’ve been eyeing. Headbands are a great tool to keep your bangs out of sight and out of your face. Feel free to try out a few different styles of headbands: wide, thin, plastic, metal, elastic, and cotton are only a few options that are available to you.

Hair clips and pins are another great way to style in-transition bangs. Try out twisting or braiding your bangs and pinning them to the side. Or part them down the middle and pin both sides up around your temples. The great thing about hair accessories is their variety. You can tailor your accessories to suit your personal style, leaving you feeling confident and in control of your hair.

Try Different Styles

Another way to cope with difficult bangs is to style them differently. Try sweeping them to the side or parting them down the middle. Push them back and tease them to create a pomp that will add some volume to your messy bun or ponytail.

You should also invest in some hair products that will help keep your bangs in place or make them more workable. Hairspray and gel work great for taming out of control bangs and managing flyaways.

Another way to ensure that your bangs stay manageable is to visit your salon to keep your hair in shape! Sometimes bangs that are in transition can look detached from the rest of your hair. Getting a haircut to blend your bangs into the rest of your hair can make them look neater and add some intentional style into your look.

Be Patient

The most important part of growing out your bangs is to remain calm and patient. Try and take advantage of the new hair challenges you are facing and see them as an opportunity to explore new accessories and products. You may find a new hair clip or styling tool that you can’t live without, even after your bangs have grown.

You can also set goals for yourself–find reasons to celebrate! Say you look in the mirror and find that your bangs have finally grown past your eyebrows. Get excited about your growth! Celebrate by treating yourself to some beauty pampering or by taking a night out on the town. Reframing the way you think about growing out your hair can make the process much more fun and less painful.

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