How to Get Inspired


Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative person, being creatively motivated can play a huge role in your day-to-day happiness.  Studies show that being actively creative gets your endorphins flowing and makes you happier and more confident. Here’s how to get inspired and fuel creativity daily.

Don’t Hesitate

Respond to your mind’s little bursts of inspiration with the same level of urgency with which you respond to the other signals you receive from your body, like hunger. If you don’t grab onto that fleeting feeling of inspiration in the instant it appears, it can slip away forever.  So pick up a pen and jot the idea down, or better yet, act on it now.  


It’s hard to focus on your thoughts when you’re enveloped in the age of the internet. To set your imagination loose, you have to free your mind from the restraints of brain-cluttering, distracting media. It’s not just media, though–disconnect yourself from all of the things that weigh your mind down, whether it’s negative people, work stress, or that nagging to-do list.    

Stimulate Your Mind

Do whatever it is that inspires you. That could be getting outside and surrounding yourself with nature, listening to music, reading, or even watching your favorite movie again; whatever wakes up your mind and fuels you to act creatively will do. Make sure you engage in inspiring and stress-relieving activities at least once a week (if not more!) to become happier.  

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