How to: Flatter Your Figure


Whether you like following the trends or doing your own thing, the most important thing is to be confident in your skin. And while every body is beautiful, there certain things you can wear to flatter your body and increase your confidence levels.


Hourglass figures are curvy–they have an even breast to hip ratio and defined waist.

How to Flatter:

  • Try out a fitted jackets that accentuate your natural waist.
  • Wear clothes that stretch and conform to your curves.
  • Embrace solid colors.

Pear Shaped

Pears hold most of their weight on the bottom half of their body and have a narrow and straight upper body.

How to Flatter:

  • Seek out plunging necklines.
  • Wear tops with vibrant colors and fun prints to draw attention to your upper half.
  • Opt for dark jeans to slim yourself.

Rectangle Shaped

Rectangles’ shoulder-to-hip ratio is even and they have a narrow waist.

How to Flatter:

  • Opt for sweetheart necklines to create curves on top.
  • Wear dresses with ruching to create a defined waist.
  • Add dimension and form to your figure with layering combos.

Inverted Triangle

Triangles have wider shoulders and more narrow hips.

How to Flatter:

  • Wear dresses with belts to define your waist.
  • Try full, flared, skirts.
  • Wear bright, colorful bottoms.

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