How to Embrace Change


As a human race, we hate change. Our natural tendency is to resist it. Often, there is so much changing around us that we become overwhelmed in our fight to remain stationary. But it’s only when we learn to embrace change that we will find peace.  Can’t figure out how to accept changes in your life? Take some (or all) of this advice:

Face It

Change is everywhere. It’s a part of life, and you’ll never escape it. It can sometimes feel like you’re constantly bouncing between homes, jobs, relationships, and schools, especially when you’re a young adult trying to find your way to the future you want. But know that it will all be okay, even amidst all the chaos and uncertainty. Facing change is good, because without it how can you ever move forward in life?

Look at the Pros

Moving might mean saying goodbye to your beloved childhood home, but it may also mean a shorter commute to work and a Starbucks just around the corner. There will always be downsides to a major change, but there will also be benefits. Find those benefits and use those to cope. Sometimes we make the mistake of giving more of our mental energy to the downsides than to the benefits. When you focus on the positive aspects of a change, like being in a new city with new opportunities or having a bigger bedroom, that positivity will grow, spread, and stay.  

Talk About the Pros

When people ask you how you like your new job, school, or house, and your first instinct is to complain about the new unfamiliar environment, remember those pros!  Talking about the positives will help you realize that there are great things that can come out of any situation–even one that might seem like nothing but loss at first. Think positive thoughts and create uplifting conversation.  

Make the Most Out of Everything

Take some time to find out what this change can do for you. Maybe you just went through a breakup.  You’ve spent a sufficient number of hours grieving with Ben and Jerry, and now it’s time to see what the single life is all about. Do what you couldn’t do when you were in that relationship, whether that’s staying in on Friday and watching Netflix alone, going out with your friends, or taking a month or two off from shaving your legs.

Be Honest  

Okay, so it’s been a few weeks and you’re still not loving your change. Well, the beauty of life is that it really is always changing. You won’t have to live in that dorm forever. You won’t even be in college forever–not even close. You won’t have the same job for life. Relationships will come and go until you find the right one. You never know what will change next, so try to embrace what comes as it comes.  

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