How to Dress On the Job


You’ve crafted the perfect résumé, wrote a cover letter that could put any other applicant to shame, and nailed the interview. Nice! You’re so prepared for your new job, you won’t even break a sweat the night before. You’ve got this.

But do you know what to wear in your new workplace? Dress codes can seem pretty strict, or at the very least, limiting, and a lifetime of drab cubicle fashion might make the whole job seem a little less glamorous than you had hoped for. Don’t fret! There are loads of styles and designs out there for young professionals looking to look good but remain all business.

Blazers are your new best friend.

Blazers are an easy way to add form to function when it comes to workwear. A fitted, crisp blazer in any work-acceptable color (black, navy, maybe even a deep purple or dark maroon) can pull together any outfit and make you look super sharp. Camis, blouses, and thin sweaters all look chic under a simple blazer. The best part? Blazers are a cute fashion staple that you should be able to find at any retailer.

Stock up on cardigans.

Similar to blazers, cardigans are an easy-to-find, very cute staple for the workplace that won’t age you, bore you, or make you feel stuffy or uncomfortable. They come in nearly every color possible, from basic black and white to coral, aqua, and beautiful baby blue, and you can find them with varying sleeve lengths as well. Pair a cardigan with a simple blouse or collared shirt to look preppy professional.

Find fitted pants.

Skinny jeans have been a staple of modern style for years now, and probably won’t go away anytime soon. However, they are totally not what your boss is talking about when she says “business casual!” That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with loose, frumpy khakis, though. Slim-fitting, straight-legged work pants are easy to find these days in any department store, and look great on any body shape. Try sticking to a neutral colors like khaki, black, or navy to stay most on-trend.

Pencil skirts are a must.

Pencil skirts are probably the cutest office fashion out there, and look amazing with almost any top! Blouses, sweaters, cardigans, blazers, they all look perfect above a fitted, just-below-the-knee length pencil skirt. They come in all kinds of colors and patterns, too, all of which can add some fun to your look. A chic white collared shirt over any color pencil skirt promotes you to CEO of office style.

The right shoes are essential.

Sky high heels and pointed toes may be the go-to glam look of secretaries in old movies, but they’re not the best look for a modern professional girl. Flats, clean and simple ankle boots, and short kitten heels are all office appropriate and won’t leave your feet sore and swollen by the end of the day.

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